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shimano cm1000In preparation for (hopefully) some fantastic photo opportunities in the coming Raid Pyrenean, I’ve managed to get my mitts on a Shimano SportsCamera CM-1000.

You may have seen some of the footage from the exciting last 3km of Stage 8 of the Tour of California. Video is from Shimano CM-1000’s mounted on Koen de Kort and John Degenkolb’s bikes.  More recently, and closer to home, Geraint Thomas and Bernhard Eisel had Shimano CM-1000’s on their bikes for Stage 3 the Tour de France from Cambridge into London.

Obviously there are other choices – GoPro, Drift, Garmin – all of which have their pros and cons.  However – the cost and features were right on the Shimano, and so that’s where we are.  I’m hoping to collect thoughts and tips – maybe someone out there has one and would like to weigh in with comments or ideas…

There’s a really great review by DCrainmaker over at his reviews section, so this will just be my thoughts and experiences.

First Thoughts

  • It’s small. About the same size as the Garmin 800. It only weights 86g, not that I’m a weight weeny – but lightness implies less bounce on any sort of mount without any damping required.
  • Mounting is a cinch. They’ve wisely (although I’m not sure GoPro will agree) matched the GoPro mounting system. The camera comes with a slide-mount (which attaches to the camera with a slide & click), and a helmet mount (that fastens to that). The interface between these is identical to the GoPro mounting system so that any GoPro mount will also fit the Shimano.
  • Battery performance is a bit… Hmmmm.  Two hours from a full battery charge, but “less than 4hrs” to re-charge. With a battery that’s not removable, that’s a bit of a pain.  However – the reason that it’s not removable is to ensure that the size remains small and yet waterproof.
  • Yep – it’s waterproof down to 10m. It comes with an underwater (flat) lens cover too…  So no ugly large waterproof boxes a la GoPro.
  • Records from ANT+ sensors. Yay! More data to record and draw graphs. I may not be a weight weeny, but I am a data-collection dork.
  • Connects to my phone. To setup, view files, view live video etc. it uses a local WiFi network and a free Android or iOS app.
  • Takes up to 32GB micro SDHC cards. Not too much of an issue given the 2hr max battery time!

Second Thoughts

Watch this space…